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i don’t need an ice cream cone

In crush, feelings, love, movie, quotes on July 11, 2008 at 6:33 pm

(talking through the phone)



I talked to my friend, Kendra…
who had a girlfriend with a kid
who is exceedingly loud like Samson…
and she’s given me a videotape
that works absolute miracles.

Hey, thanks, Claire.
What, you’re already tired of me
I just haven’t slept. I’m sorry.
How’s Hawaii?

(Claire’s right behind Drew’s back)
Well, I’m checking out this cute guy.

Why are you telling me that?

How could I leave you in distress?
I’m taking you out.

( she appears in front of him ^^)

– I thought you were in Hawaii.
– What’s this?

“When cremation is your preference.”
I just got some brochures
I want you all to look at.
And these are some choice of urns…
available here
at the Cave Hill Cemetery.
You can take them home and…
You can look at those brochures and…
Y’all can look at those,
take those home with you.
Whatever makes you happy.

We are shopping for an urn.

And you can pick this up tomorrow
immediately following the procedure.
The Jim Morrison of Kentucky.

You’re kind of great, Claire.
You do know that.
Sort of amazing, even.

– Oh, come on!
– I don’t need an ice cream cone.

– It’s not an ice cream cone.
What’s an ice cream cone?

You know.
“Here’s a little something
to make you happy.
“Something sweet that melts
in five minutes.”
I’m completely cool with anything
you want to say or not say.
I don’t need it.
Besides, Ben is coming in tomorrow.
– Do you want to hear my theory?

– Of course.
You and I have a special talent,
and I saw it immediately.

Tell me.

We’re the substitute people.

The substitute people.

I’ve been the substitute person
my whole life.
I’m not an Ellen.
I never wanted to be an Ellen.
And I’m not a Cindy, either.
Although Chucks love me.

I’m sure they do.

I like being alone too much.
I mean, I’m with a guy who’s married
to his academic career.
I rarely see him.
And I’m the substitute person there.
I like it that way. It’s a lot less pressure.
Play this for the loudest kid in the world.

I’m not used to girls like you.

That’s because I’m one of a kind.

You don’t have to make a joke.
I like you without the jokes.

Get some sleep.
I have a personnel interview
tomorrow morning…
and if I get transferred, Ben will die.

(they were going to kiss then their lips didn’t even touch though…)

Didn’t it just feel better…
that we just didn’t
do something impulsive?
– I mean…

– Yes.

Now we actually have a shot
at being friends…
for the rest of our lives.

The rest of our lives.

from Elizabethtown the movie (2005)


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