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This is what palace is to me.

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A Confucian Monk: Your fate will be destined by three women. You killed the first woman, though you didn’t want to. You will save the second one, but she will die because of you. The third one will kill you, but save thousands.

Attendant court lady Han: I’ll tell you how to make it when we return to the Palace.

Jang-Geum Seo: What did I do wrong? Why must everyone treat me this way? I will not start over. My mother and now you have left me. No matter what, I will never follow your orders again.

Woman Dr. Jang-Deok: As a maid for Imperial Officers, you must learn to give up!
Jang-Geum Seo: I’ll tell you this: no-one can ever persuade me to give up! I will never give up!

Attendant court lady Han: I would have never guessed that your talent would also become your poison.

King Jungjong: I love Jang-Geum. Do you, too?

Jeong-ho Min: Are you sad?
Jang-Geum Seo: I am happy. Are you happy?
Jeong-ho Min: I am sad. Are you scared?
Jang-Geum Seo: My heart flutters like a butterfly. Are you brave?
Jeong-ho Min: I am scared.

Choi Keum-young: She is like wild grass. No matter how you pull it, that plant will return and return.

Jeong-ho Min: This woman isn’t meant for this era. When will women have their place?

Jang-Geum: Please take back your will to let me stay in the palace. I have met a lot of sick people outside the palace. Though my ability is limited but I really hope to help the people out there.

Jeong-ho Min: Will you regret?
Jang-Geum: No. The palace enabled me to do my thing in cooking. It enabled me to practice my medical skill. And also met my husband. But the palace caused me to lose my mother. And Madam Han. I almost lose my life. This is what palace is to me. It would enable one to seem to own everything but it would also take away the most important thing from you. It seems to enable you to do what you want but it will also make you lose everything. Everyone looks fancy but no one is happy. It looks grand on the outside but in actual it is a sad place. (Palace ~ Fame/ Power/ Money etc.)

Jang-Geum successfully saves both mother and child by doing a caesarian delivery. Jang-Geum, Min Jung-Ho and So-Won sit by the woman and smile as they welcome the newborn into life. Min jung-ho says, “This is not the era for this woman. She will always ask, “If it can be done in order to save lives… Why not?”

오나라~ 오나라~ 아주 오나~
가나라~ 가나라~ 아주 가나~
나나니~ 나여도~ 못 노나니~
아니리~ 아니리~ 아니노네~
에이야~ 디이야~ 에야나나니노~
오지도~ 못하나~ 나도 가마~
에이야~ 디이야~ 에야나나니노~
오지도~ 못하나~ 나도 가마~

오나라오나라아주오나- 와라와라 그렇다고 아주오냐
가나라가나라- 가라가 그렇다고 아주가냐
에이야디이야에야나나니노 (국악음)
에이야디이야에야나나니노 (국악음)


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