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11 beliefs I’ve found untrue

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Through history and through society we have been taught to believe many different things to be true in life. Our parents passed these beliefs down to us, we were taught these in school, and we just came to believe them because others did as well. However, here are 11 beliefs I’ve found to be untrue.

1. Life is hard

Life and the obstacles you encounter are only as hard as you make them. People are always complaining that their lives are so hard, but they never keep in mind that someone else has it worse. If you’re reading this, then your life is far better and easier than most in the world. If you think about it, life isn’t really that hard, at times it’s only challenging, and you create those challenges.

2. It takes a long time to achieve success and change

We are taught that we must work for many, many years before we can achieve success. However, success can be achieved in a matter of weeks. With the state of technology and the world, never has there been a time when success can come to someone so quickly.

3. Life is short

Our time on this earth is a paradox. It’s not a lot of time, yet it is. We can all accomplish so much in our short lives. We can go from poverty to prosperity, obscurity to celebrity, and we can change the world. You can’t say you have no time to achieve your goals, there’s plenty of time, yet there’s not enough time in our lives to wait.

4. You need money to make money

Money is not the most crucial part of achieving success and wealth. Action and persistence are. When you have no money you will find a way to get what you need.

5. Grades are important [Edit*]

To a point, education is very important. I believe that everyone should graduate from high school or obtain a GED. But if you didn’t or don’t excel in school, don’t sweat it. Your grades will not determine your destiny. Obviously certain career choices require you to graduate from college. The stigma of not attending college after high school should be lost in our society. You’ll learn more lessons from real life experiences than you will in any school.

6. Rich get richer, poor get poorer

It frustrates me whenever someone says this. How can this be true with all the rags to riches stories that exist? Some times rich get richer , some times rich lost their fortunes, and sometimes poor people don’t get anywhere. But believing this cliché shows that you have no hope or ambition for yourself and others.

7. You need two parents

Many people have grown up in so called “broken” homes with a single parent. Others look down upon this and believe nothing good can come out of a single parent household. Unfortunately there are statistics that back up this belief. But there are also plenty of others who have changed the stats. You do not need both parents to become successful and a productive citizen. If anything, the obstacles of a single parent household fosters creativity and ambition.

8. You’re lucky if you’re born rich

I think you’re lucky if you’re not. When you grow up in a modest or poor household, you know the value of a dollar, the hard work it takes to succeed, and you understand what others are going through. Now I’m not saying you won’t have these qualities if you’re born rich, there are expectations to everything.

9. Get a high paying job

People who grew up during the depression are firm believers in this. However, it’s more important to have a highly rewarding job. Money can only make you so happy. Having a career or job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled is much better.

10. Life is unfair

Life may appear to be unfair at times. For example, you may have been working at a company for years. You haven’t received a promotion or raise. Then a new guy comes in, does a good job the first week, brings in new clients, and gets a promotion already. It may seem unfair, but is it really? May be the new guy received praise and a raise for a reason that benefits you. May be it was a sign for you to leave that workplace and chase your dreams of something better. We each know someone who seems to have it easier than us. Perhaps you know a guy who dropped out of high school, while you went on to spend years in college. You got a low paying job while having enormous loans hanging over your head, while the dropout won the lottery. Is it unfair, or does it make you a better person?

11. A learning disability means you’re not intelligent

People who grew up with a learning disability know this belief to be untrue. But many of those who don’t have a disability believe it to be true. Many intelligent and successful people including Charles Schwab, Tommy Hilfiger, Richard Branson, and Anderson Cooper have or had a learning disability. Many students with learning disabilities are looked down upon by their peers as being stupid. A learning disability only means you learn and must be taught in a different way. I’ve seen many students with disabilities surpass their peers without disabilities because they have to work twice as hard to get to the same level as them. These students develop an amazing amount of drive and success for themselves.

* Note on edit: Number 5’s title was edited after further thought. It was originally “School is important” but I didn’t want people to get the impression that getting an education early in life is not important to a child’s life. It’s vital to our success in life.


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