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Rock Climbing in Vietnam

In good stuff, sports on July 12, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Written by Branly
Rocky peaks soaring towards the sky, cliffs cutting through turquoise waves, caves tormented by erosion… Ghostly outlines surfacing from the mist, routes defying gravity, overhangs, tufas, stems, improbable perspectives! These fantastic landscapes don’t just emerge from Lovercraft‘s crazy mind nor from an addicted climber’s dream. Welcome to Vietnam.
Here the rock-climbing dream is being realised; imagination is power. Let your senses go crazy, let your hand sweat, feel the exhilaration of the climb. Trad climbing, deep water soloing, sport routes, slabs, roofs, stalactites…
It’s not easy. You will have a glimpse into what’s it like to be one of the first rock climbing pioneers in Vietnam. But what satisfaction. You’ll be the one of the first ones to sketch those moves on the old cliff. “Defy gravity, be intoxicated by the power of those rocks, by osmosis with the holds, unite with the limestone.” These are the words of Confucius, when he was drunk one moonless night.
The website is the outcome of countless hours of explorations, thought, green tea, smiles, naps, Ha Noi Beers, navigation, climbing, and thuoc lao. Refusing any lucrative purpose, has been developed with the aim of exploring the Vietnam revealed by the core principles of rock climbing: mutual aid and a spirit of discovery. The second goal is to attract climbers -especially equippers- to take part in the development of rock climbing in Viet Nam. You, also, can contribute to this history, this synthesis of rock-climbing in Asia, by sharing your discoveries, pictures, and experiments.


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