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Volunteer in Hanoi, Vietnam ;)

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Remember, there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. (Scott Adams)

For Hanoi expats there are many opportunities to volunteer. The list below will get you started. Some – like VSO, WUSC, AUSVOLS, KOICA – are usually selected from overseas. Some – like FVH, HIWC’s CAC committee – are recruited from the expat community. Some are good causes you can support with your checkbook.

A few words of advice. Most volunteer organisations expect a certain level of commitment of time and effort. Volunteering with children is especially sensitive. Kids need to develop relationships which last and it takes a while to train a volunteer, so travelers wishing to ‘help out’ can not always be accommodated. There is also the saying ‘To break someone’s rice bowl’ – take a job away from a qualified national. It’s often seen as more beneficial to train a Vietnamese who will remain in the system with these skills than to work with a foreigner who will ultimately leave. If you do have needed skills and will stay in Hanoi for some time – check out the websites below.

Better Day
100A Xuan Dieu
Tay Ho, Hanoi
M: 091 332 1863
Fair wages and great coffee and tea

Action for the City
Their work focuses on improving the living quality in Hanoi. Join the Green Transport Movement.

Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam


Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
Blue Dragon provides opportunities and tools to empower disadvantaged children. Check their wish list and VIP Motorbike Rentals

The Bookworm
4b Yen The
Donate books and 30% of the selling price goes to the Hanoi International Women’s Club for eye operations.

Café Smile
5 Van Mieu
Ba Dinh, Hanoi
T: (04) 3843 8850

Coupe de Pouce Vietnam (French)

Development Resource Centre
63 Ly Thai To
Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Find a list of NGOs working in Vietnam

Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV)
5/IF1, lane 192, Thai Thinh
Dong Da, Hanoi
T: (04) 3514 8850
If you observe wildlife or products made from wildlife in restaurants, markets, hotels or elsewhere in Vietnam, let us know.

Endangered Primate Rescue Centre
Cuc Phuong National Park
Adopt a monkey. A great gift for your relatives back home that have everything.

Hanoi International Women’s Club
CAC Committee
Expat women (and men as associate members) focus on helping women and children. The money from their annual bazaar goes to sponsoring deserving groups. The Community Aid Volunteers provides hands on practical help. Contact

Hagar International
20 Thuy Khue, Building B
T: (04) 3728 2342

Heart Link
27 Thai Thinh
Dong Da, Hanoi
T: (04) 3275 2901
F: (04) 3564 0682
A printing company that hires persons with disabilities

Hoa Sua Restaurant
28 Ha Hoi
Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
T: (04) 3942 4448
F: (04) 3822 3499

Hoa Sua Croissant
French Bakery
21 Ha Hoi
Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
T: (04) 3943 6707
7am-9pm, free delivery within 5k

54 Xuan Dieu
Tay Ho, Hanoi
T: (04) 3719 1187
Mon-Sat, 7am-7pm, free delivery within 5k
Training for disadvantaged youth

Hoa Sua Sewing and Embroidery Shop
21D Ha Haoi
Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
T: (04) 3822 6912

Humanitarian Programme for Helping Street Children
13 Ngo Van So
Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
T: (04) 3943 7132
F: (04) 3826 0970
In need of school supplies and clothes (over age 5)

36 Au Co
Hoan Kiem
Gift shop

Just Massage
12 D2a Van Phuc
Ba Dinh, Hanoi
T: (04) 3762 9187
Visually impaired youth trained in massage techniques

Korean Volunteers
360 Kim Ma
Ba Dinh, Hanoi
T: (04) 3831 6911

KOTO Restaurant
59 Van Mieu
Ba Dinh, Hanoi
T: (04) 3747 0337-8

KOTO Training Centre
#9, lane 52/28, To Ngoc Van
Tay Ho, Hanoi
T: (04) 3718 4573
F: (04) 3718 4580
Vocational training for street kids

Project RENEW
103 Nguyen Binh Khiem
Dong Da, Quang Tri
Demining in Quang Tri Province

SJ Vietnam
Suite 306, building C6, Block 1
My Dinh, Hanoi
T: (04) 3215 4993
T/F: (04) 6287 2829

St Paul’s Convent
37 Hai Ba Trung
Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
M: 091 423 0299
Sister Francoise (Dao Thi Thao) lives in the convent and would be happy to receive any donations – clothes, shoes, utensils, books, bedding etc. They have 11 outreach programs in the provinces and everything will be put to good use. They also grow plants in pots which are for sale. Currently 20 young girls are supported by the convent. They would also be happy to receive some English training. They also have services in the mornings in their lovely chapel – all are welcome.

Talking Green Club

Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research
This annual event includes teams and individuals; walkers, runners, strollers, skateboarders, elderly and in prams, ambassadors and dalmations. Information at the Canadian Embassy 3734 5000


Walking Blood Bank
Family Medical Practice has a nationwide list of blood donors which can be accessed in times of emergency. Sign up at their clinics.

World University Services Overseas
Canadian Volunteers

Vietnam Quilts
13 Hang Bac
Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
T: (04) 3926 3682
NGO sponsored

VSO – Voluntary Service Overseas – international development charity


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