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40 things to do, say, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel as soon as possible

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Almost everyone loves to write, read, share, and tackle life goal lists. There are tons of books like “1,000 Places To See Before You Die,” sites for sharing lists like, and even a movie about two men chasing their final to-dos called, “The Bucket List.”

It’s fantastic that people want to do and see so much before they die. But I’ve realized after writing and publishing a few of these lists, is that they often imply a “years down the road” mentality, that we have a ton of time to finish every item on our lists. This makes us lose interest and leaves our lists to collect dust. None of us know how long we’re going to have. We may never live to an old age. So how about a new list with a more seize-the-day approach?

Here are 40 things to do, say, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel as soon as possible. Some things on this list are very small and simple, but can give profound results if you let it be so.

1. Enjoy a small victory after many major defeats.

2. Build something with your bare hands.

3. Hear whales communicating underwater.

4. Listen to the entire catalog of music from your favorite singer or band.

5. Let go of an inhibition.

6. Do something just for the hell of it. Not for money, fame, praise, or receiving an award.

7. Believe when all others have lost faith.

8. Taste fresh mountain spring water.

9. Hear genuine laughter.

10. Do something taboo.

11. Sit and listen to a waterfall.

12. Don’t say; “I’m having a bad day.”

13. Eat healthy.

14. Listen to a genre of music you’ve never liked.

15. Find beauty where others don’t.

16. Don’t think someone is strange just because they’re different.

17. Think those that are “normal” are strange.

18. Give a negative situation positivity.

19. Head to the woods.

20. Speak to someone much older than you. But listen more.

21. Ask questions that have no answers.

22. Give before someone asks.

23. Sincerely give a compliment to a stranger.

24. Give someone you don’t like a chance (or a second chance).

25. Reconcile with someone or a past event.

26. Get lost in a book, art work, or movie.

27. Dress to impress yourself.

28. Help an injured animal. (Seek trained professional if you could be in harm’s way.)

29. Take a break. Don’t worry about chasing a goal. Just enjoy the moment.

30. Go the extra step when you really don’t want to.

31. Be like John and “Imagine.”

32. Tell a love one; “I’m proud of you.”

33. Tell a love one after a failure or mistake; “I’m still proud of you.”

34. Enjoy a rainy day.

35. Don’t watch or read news for an entire day.

36. Lose a regret.

37. Dabble with your hidden talents.

38. Donate anonymously.

39. Find a new passion.

40. Finish an entire goal list.

Please feel free to add any other ideas from your own lists in the comment section below. We’d love to read about your near-future goals!

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p/s: i’d love to meet the author of this blog soon 🙂


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