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It’s All About The Fit

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This is a guest post.

Some people say that you can be anything you want to be – if you just work hard enough. But science tells us that is not true – we aren’t great at everything. But we are great at some things. So, if we could discover what we are great at, and we knew how to assess and evaluate our world, we could always find those places, in work and life, that allow us to use what we are great at. We would feel capable and competent. We would feel excited and passionate. We could find our best fit.

It’s in the DNA

Hardwired in our brains, delivered through our DNA, are our talents, strengths and passions that make us good at some things and not others; we love some things but not others. We have no more control over these than we do selecting our gender. But what we do have control over is our effort to discover these unique attributes to know how to use them to invent a life that is meaningful, successful and happy for us. Know ourselves. Know our world. Find our fit. This is our responsibility.

Why it’s all changed

We are now in an intellectual or service workplace. Much of manufacturing moved offshore; most of today’s businesses provide service, not products. This means employees are no longer behind machines, but are now face-to-face with customers. This changes everything about performance. Now, to be great in a job, we must be naturally good at it and like doing it. If not, the customer sees it and it impacts their loyalty and our success. Not everyone is right for every job and customers know it. We have to know ourselves, know what the job needs, then assess whether the job is a good fit for us. This is how we succeed or fail. Fit matters in the workplace.

Fit at work

You go into a retail store and the person behind the counter is busy reading something and doesn’t look up, come over or even greet you. First, what do you think? The guy’s a jerk or an idiot. Actually, the guy may be an exceptional person but isn’t naturally social. He may be the best at managing the inventory but is horrid with customers. Good person. Bad fit. If he knew himself – his talents, strengths and passions – he may have selected a job that allowed him to use what he is good at and interested in doing (details, analysis, precision). His performance would improve. His happiness would improve. And in the process you could have become a loyal customer instead of being pissed off. All because of fit.

Fit in life

Your parents want you to be an attorney. You want to be a park ranger. But you study law because you come from a family that knows how to dole out the guilt. You barely make it through school because it doesn’t come easily and you don’t like it. You barely graduate and now the great law firms aren’t interested in you. You are good, not great. They want great. You hate the job and your life. Fit matters in life.

You are who you are

The quality of your life is based on your ability to know yourself and to align your work and life to the things you are good at and passionate about doing. You don’t want my life. I don’t want yours. Yours should be invented around what matters to you, as mine should be for me. We each need to find our fit.

Check in often and change the world

This review for fit is something we must continually do throughout our lives. As we change and the world changes, what will be right for us will likely change. To build powerful, extraordinary and meaningful lives, we must always assess our fit – to find those places that let us make our greatest impact – to be in our zone – our greatness zone. And when we are at our best, we bring our best to the world. We transform the world.

So to have the most amazing life, get into your greatness zone – know yourself, know your world and identify the places that let you be the best you. Then each day you will wake up thrilled by life and make a profound difference. And isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

Written by Jay Forte

Jay Forte is a business and motivational speaker, greatness coach, and author of The Greatness Zone – Know Yourself, Find Your Fit, Transform the World and Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition. He teaches organizations how to attract, hire and retain today’s best talent. He coaches students, parents and professionals to discover and play to their personal greatness, to maximize their impact, success and happiness.

He can be reached at and at 401.338.3505.

Article image by Will Clayton

Success | November 17th, 2010 | Written by Guest writer


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