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After 18 straight weeks of simplifying, sharing with you a summary. -Danny

1. Project Simplify 2010: A review of my efforts to simplify from Jan 2010 to Dec 2010.

2. Positive Impact of Simplifying on Family: a reflection

3. Project Simplify 2011: I decided to further simplify my life this 2011. From simplifying to practical minimalism. It was also an opportunity to document and share this time around. The ‘Ground Rules for Project Simplify’ are also here.

4. I started in the bathroom (Jan 9) for week one. After a few days I wrote about the lessons learned from simplifying my bathroom stuff (Jan 13).

5. Bedside Table: My bedside table is still clutter free. In addition to this, I would recommend reducing the number of pillows (or stuffed animals) you have on your bed.

6. Clothes: This is actually the best place to start for most people. Additional links included.

7. Shoes: After clothes, this is a good area to deal with next.

8. I love books. So simplifying books was one of the difficult ones for me.

9. Simplifying Gadgets (technology): After books, this was the next thing that was difficult for me.

10. Do Whatever You Want Sundays: unplugging from everything once a week.

11. Office Equipment: dealing with office work this time.

12. Work Desk: making my table clear so I can just focus on my work.

13. Work Tools: reducing the number of tools I used for work.

14. The Junk Inside Us a. Anger vs Gratitude b. Gratitude: It’ not all about throwing the junk on the outside. We’ve also got negative stuff inside that we really don’t need.

15. Bags (and a little about traveling): I never realized we had so many bags until I laid them all out. Got rid of a lot here.

16. Online: Closed all the email and social networking accounts that I wasn’t using anymore.

17. CDs and DVDs: reduced the number of CDs and DVDs I had. Decided to keep a lot because I enjoyed them.

18. Phone: Why I switched to an iPhone. Good move.

19. Pets: We had several dogs. How I reduced the number of pets we had.


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