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Bookview-05: “Six Thinking Hats” – Edward de Bono (16/03/2011)

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Hoài Chí

196153_10150103027381946_1361190_aI know it is a bit boring for some of you but I do believe that all of us will need to think philosophically some days in our life.  Today I am going to introduce another book on an allegedly hard-core area, namely thinking! What to think and how to think. I promise the next Bookview will be on something more fun, so bear with me.

Today’s book is “Six thinking hats” by Edward de Bono, published in 2000 by Penguin. A newer version of this book was also introduced by the same publisher in 2009. A few things about the author from his website

Edward de Bono was born in Malta in 1933. He attended St Edward’s College, Malta, during World War II and then the University of Malta where he qualified in medicine. He proceeded, as a Rhodes Scholar, to Christ Church, Oxford, where he gained…

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