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Retiring the TEDActive beanbags

In Uncategorized on April 2, 2013 at 3:34 pm

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After a long debate and a heavy amount of research, we’re very sad to say that our beloved red beanbags will no longer be a choice for seating at TEDActive 2014. It was a difficult choice to make but we believe this decision will be healthier for our backs, spines and posture.

According to the World Organization of Ergonomic Design (WOERD), a beanbag is the least ideal seating choice for health and productivity. In their most recent study on the ergonomics of seating options, the beanbag was ranked 99 out of 100 right above the water bed. Dr. Robert Weinstein, a member of the WOERD board, says, “It’s no surprise the beanbag is one of the least healthiest seating options. We’re looking at a slow-motion car accident here. When you’re in a beanbag, your spine is contracted and manipulated into something unrecognizable. The neck basically has no support and less oxygen is…

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