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Ingroup, Outgroup, or Caught In Between?

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2014 at 8:31 am

An International Educator in Viet Nam

My last post of the 2013 Lunar Year…

Vietnam is a highly homogeneous society.  I’m reminded of this whenever I look in the mirror and see a white guy staring back at me.  For those who are not Kinh, or ethnic Vietnamese,  it’s pretty cut-and-dried.  We look different and therefore are different.

not-belongingThere is a growing segment of Vietnamese, however, who are also outsiders in not-so-visible ways because of different life experiences that have taken them far from home and changed, if not transformed, them.  For those who study overseas and return home there is always a period of readjustment and reverse culture shock.  For many, this journey includes various emotions expressed by their fellow citizens ranging from admiration to jealousy to resentment.

I recently read a message from a young Vietnamese woman who graduated last year from a U.S. college and returned to Vietnam.  Another Vietnamese told her that she…

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