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How I Started Practising Yoga and Meditation Everyday

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2014 at 7:43 pm

‘For me, meditation is yoga for the mind and yoga is meditation for the body – they have become my close friends now. Whenever I feel not well, I pause what I do at that moment, whether in action or in thoughts, to sit down, meditate, do my favourite yoga positions to lift myself up physically, mentally – that will make me feel emotionally better as well.

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I was traveling in California last July. One night before sleeping I read a post from Zen Habits – a blog I have subscribed for a few years. The post is about choosing a ‘trigger’ when creating a new habit. He also shares in other posts he does the most important things in the morning after waking up: meditation, packing up lunch for his kids, writing etc. Thanks to him, I also get to know about ‘Lift’ – an app that helps you to create and keep new habits going with a healthy and positive community.

Last year, I tried several meditation apps, did sitting meditation and yoga from time to time but not often enough. I was still suffering from the discomfort in my left arms and legs, partly a family thing because my grandmother and mum also had that before but mainly because of stress and sitting too…

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  2. […] How I Started Practising Yoga and Meditation Everyday […]

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