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7 Days of Smoothies: Day 2 Vitality Greens Smoothie

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Vitality Greens Smoothie Kiwifruit Apple Spinach Banana Coconut Water

Tuesday’s smoothie of the day has been dubbed the “Monster Smoothie” by Mr Two, who taste-tested this morning’s batch before it made it to the interwebs. However, it is packed full of green goodness with a tonne of spinach, so it made a satisfying breakfast on its own.

If you’re like me and your blender would look at home in the 80s then you may want to blend your spinach with banana first to get it as fine as possible. If you have a Vitamix (in which case I am insanely jealous) or anything else that has more boost than an electric toothbrush then just whizz as usual.

MAKES: 2 Regular glasses


1 banana (optional to blend with Spinach for smoother consistency)

1 grated granny smith apple

150g baby spinach

2 kiwifruit

Coconut water as desired

Happy Tuesday!

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