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Organizing a Day of Mindfulness in Edinburgh

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Wake Up UK

By Keith Smith, facilitator from Wake Up Edinburgh 

Keith in the polytunnel on the Happy Farm, Plum Village

Mindfulness days provide me with a wonderful opportunity to come together with others in mindful community and touch the practice deeply- to dedicate myself fully to the present moment over a longer period of time and reveal the deeper peace and suffering underpinning my everyday mind. So, after spending a year in Plum Village helping with the Happy Farm organic gardening project in Upper Hamlet, it was to my delight to hear on my return that my good friend and the Wake Up Edinburgh facilitator, Gustaf Rydevik, wanted to organise a mindfulness day for the Wake Up community in Edinburgh.

We quickly came together to make a plan over a mindful cup of tea in a vegetarian cafe/ restaurant in the historic city centre. We quickly decided that the best way forward was to make use of our individual strengths whilst also making…

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