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Sự thật về các chương trình giáo dục Mỹ tại Việt Nam

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An International Educator in Viet Nam

This article, entitled “The Truth About American Education Programs in Vietnam” (Một Thế Giới, 23 April 2014), reflects the growing sophistication about US higher education as a service sector export.  As I am fond of saying, the US exports some of the world’s best and worst higher education.  The term “officially accredited” covers a broad spectrum of institutions in terms of quality encompassing the good, the bad and the ugly.

The overwhelming majority of regionally accredited institutions are public and private nonprofits while most nationally accredited schools are for-profit.  (Contrary to what most NA representatives would have you believe, comparing RA with NA schools is like comparing apples and oranges in terms of quality and the rigor of the accreditation process.)

Then there are the rogue providers, i.e., unaccredited schools, mostly for-profit companies and many based in California.  They range from those that provide a substandard…

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