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Mì Hoành Thánh/Wonton Noodles

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An International Educator in Viet Nam

This is post isn’t about education or politics.  It’s about something on which most (all?) of us can agree, one of life’s simple pleasures found in a bowl.

wontonIn HCMC/Saigon there is a culinary oasis that specializes in one dish and variations on that theme:  wonton noodles.  It’s a hole-in-the-wall place in District 1 that is usually overflowing with loyal and satisfied customers.  No AC, no clean floors, no obvious hygiene in food preparation and handling, just good old-fashioned noodles with pork, pork rinds, bean sprouts and lettuce in one bowl and wontons in a steaming cup of broth.  Add the condiments and you’re ready to dig in.  Ngon quá!  Delicious!

The owner and chef, the man himself, can often be seen hovering over a hot stove, busily making his wontons no doubt using a secret recipe.  While I’m sure he makes a decent living, it is also a labor of love.  The final product…

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