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To Be and Not to Buy

Something I did not stipulate in my first post outlining the rules of my year of living contently is getting gifts. Normally, I would say gifts are out of my control and therefore do not require a confession, but these gifts were from my husband during the mindfulness retreat (see previous post), and which I did have control over. He wanted to buy me something and I not only let him but I chose them out.

I think that might be cheating.

Especially since what he bought me was a shirt and a book.


My new possessions... My new possessions…

However, there are certain redeeming qualities to these newly acquired possessions. Firstly, the book is actually a journal which my husband bought for me to use as a place to put my thoughts (most of which come out as drawings). You may debate amongst yourselves whether or not this violates my “no…

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